IEEE examines prospects of ‘generation AI’ through robot pets and self-driving cars

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A new report from the IEEE has shed light on what it calls ‘generation AI’ – those born in 2010 and through 2025 – and their development through the technology.

The study, called “Generation AI: A Study of Millennial Parents of Generation Alpha Kids”, finds that 31% of parents would be afraid of their child driving the car alone for the first time as compared to 25% of them who said there was a risk in their child travelling in a self-driving car. Around two thirds (63%) of the millennial parents showed preference towards AI to care for them during their autumn years rather than rely on their children, as AI is expected to power smart-home devices for physical, emotional, social and mental health.

AI is also venturing into the realms of pet robots and the survey has found out that 48% of millennial parents showed more affinity towards them as compared to the real pets if their ward preferred to have one. Fathers (55%) were more likely than mothers (42%) to get a pet robot for their kids. About 40% of the millennial parents would choose a stay-at-home robo-nanny over a real-nanny to take care of their children. They are also involving the use of apps, interactive screens and AI-powered devices, which 44% reported to increase their own focus as parents.

Surprisingly, although 64% of millennial parents say that AI and such technologies allow them time to do other activities, 63% are of the opinion that these technologies have reduced the time that they spend with their children. 45% millennial parents believe that AI and other technologies minimise their frustrations as a parent. 39% millennial parents have a lot of trust and 46% have some trust in AI to help diagnose and treat their children when they fall sick.

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