This company aims to combine AI and blockchain and enhance point of sale


Datametrex AI Limited has made an update to its technology roadmap – and believes that blockchain can transform the business intelligence process at large.

Serving as a plug and play solution for vendors, the Canadian IoT-based firm extends the life of Point of Sale terminals (POS), without having to upgrade them to new cloud-based devices through its DataTap technology.

The DataTap technology captures all the sent data from the POS to the receipt printer, eventually sending it to the cloud so that it can be presented in a dashboard for management to monitor key pertinent information and make vital business decisions. The value of this data across many retail locations provides imperative business intelligence. Thus, Datametrex is seeking the application of blockchain platforms to give the data further authentication, verification, and integrity across every specific network of retailers.

This will be a great help for retailers as the integration of blockchain into the DataTap technology will offer tremendous value to brands, wanting an insight on POS data for products sold through their retail distribution channel. Once Datametrex completes the acquisition of Nexalogy (a social media analysis firm), which has the most reliable data from the Datametrex blockchain – it can add key artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to further enhance the data.

Nexalogy helps brands, corporations, and governments to analyse information with the help of its AI platform, which provides valuable insights and analysis from a variety of data sources. This allows organisations to study the information and make better decisions in areas such as security, marketing, and overall operations.

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