AI to fuel cloud computing growth, says ACCA chairman


Bernie Trudel, chairman of the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA), while addressing the audience at the Cloud Expo Asia conference in Singapore, said that he expects AI to fuel cloud computing growth. He said that although AI only accounts for 1% of the global cloud computing market currently, its share of the overall IT market is growing at 52%.

Trudel added, “We’re starting to see AI having a significant impact on cloud computing. If you extrapolate what the analysts are saying, there’s faster growth in AI, with 10% of cloud revenue expected to come from AI by 2025.”

Trudel noted that although major cloud suppliers are already offering AI capabilities, cloud-based AI services market is still at a nascent stage. He said AWS’s approach to AI is interesting because it uses AI to help organisations easily determine the best open-source machine learning frameworks, such as TensorFlow or MXNet to use for crunching different types of data. AWS also offers Common Crawl, a publicly available dataset that contains petabytes of data collected over years of web crawling, Trudel said.

Trudel noted that Google has been doing a lot of work in AI, whether it is “helping developers choose the best algorithm for AI projects, using its Deepmind technology to build AI services or open-sourcing TensorFlow and Android to gain mindshare in AI developments”. Additionally, Google is also using AI to improve the energy efficiency of its datacentres. “Now, national grid providers are also looking at leveraging the same [AI] models to drive efficiency in their networks,” he said.

Trudel said that major cloud suppliers are working towards delivering general AI services. He is also expecting companies such as Apple, Baidu, Alibaba, Intel, Tencent and Facebook to join the fray with their own AI services.

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