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Cray launches AI products to accelerate deep learning


Supercomputer manufacturer Cray has introduced a new set of four artificial intelligence (AI) products to accelerate the adoption of deep learning in science and enterprise.

The new products include Cray Accel AI Lab, which aims to advance the development of deep learning technologies and workflows, and Cray Accel AI Offerings, featured with NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU accelerators.

The new Cray Urika-XC software suite, which brings graph analytics, deep learning, and big data analytics tools the Cray XC supercomputers, will now include the TensorFlow computational framework and enhancements to the Cray software environment that are particularly designed to accelerate machine learning frameworks.

Also included is a collaboration agreement with Intel. The Cray-Intel team up will deliver a productised software stack for deep learning at scale on Cray systems and leverage Intel’s AI technologies to advance the state-of-the-art in distributed deep learning and machine learning.

Fred Kohout, SVP of products and CMO of Cray, said: “At Cray, we are bringing together a powerful set of innovative systems, software, deep learning architectures, and a hands-on lab environment to give organizations a trusted partner to advance AI workloads from pilot to production.”

Elsewhere, a new range of high performance computing (HPC) storage solutions have been announced by Cray. This includes the Cray View for ClusterStor, which is said to considerably improve job productivity; the Cray ClusterStor L300N, featuring NXD flash accelerator software solution, that is capable of providing up to 10 times improvement in storage performance and the Cray DataWarp for the Cray XC50 supercomputer which can exponentially bring down data access time.

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