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CA Technologies gets further into AI game with new software


The new mainframe solutions – Mainframe Operational Intelligence, Trusted Access Manager for Z, and Dynamic Capacity Intelligence – introduced by CA Technologies help organisations gain insights to predict and remediate performance issues on its own, protect customer privacy, drive agility and reduce costs.

The CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence uses machine-learning and automation to capture patterns, thereby activating dynamic and reliable remediation. The solution builds on anomaly detection so users can predict issues sooner and automate resolution before service level agreements (SLAs) are impacted.

The CA Trusted Access Manager for Z basically helps in risk management and maintaining customer trust. It is the only mainframe solution on the market which enables security leaders to restrict and monitor all activity by privileged identities on the mainframe. Moreover, organisations can better manage their data and address security and compliance needs with the CA mainframe security suite which comprises of CA Data Content Discovery and CA Compliance Event Manager that covers new classes of data, new US and European regulatory requirements.

The CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence helps in controlling costs which businesses can avoid by achieving SLA objectives with predictable monthly license charges.

In addition, Chinese language Internet search provider Baidu has also introduced its new line of AI-powered hardware products that can hear, understand and fulfil the needs of consumers. The Raven H speaker is the first product from the series is equipped with DuerOS2.0, which provides an instant gateway to Baidu’s vast online resources. Raven R is the second product in the series, and world’s first six-axis robot with emotional intelligence. Whereas the Raven Q is a concept AI Home Robot which integrates multiple technologies such as simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM), computer vision, voice recognition and natural language processing.

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