Gallup poll shows how education is key in consumer use of AI-enabled services


85% of American consumers say they currently use at least one device or service that features artificial intelligence, according to a poll from Gallup.

It’s worth noting here that these arguably aren’t the most sophisticated use cases – navigation apps, cited by 84% of respondents, were the most popular, ahead of video or music streaming services (72%) and digital personal assistants (47%).

The research polled almost 3,300 US consumers, with four in five (79%) saying AI had had either a ‘very positive’ or ‘mostly positive’ impact on their lives.

The report also found that education was key in using AI-related products. 94% of those polled who had a bachelor’s degree or more said they used navigation apps, compared with 79% who had less than a bachelor’s. For streaming media services it was a similar scenario – 82% with, 67% without – and for ride-sharing apps (51% and 23%) the contrast was more stark. When it came to age, a major drop off in adoption was only seen when getting to 65 and older.

“The vast majority of Americans are already using consumer products that employ elements of AI,” Gallup notes. “These products have made it into their homes and vehicles in the form of streaming media services and navigation applications. Even products adopted by a smaller percentage of Americans, such as smart home devices, are already being used by millions.”

You can read the full survey results here.

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