How Gumtree has boosted customer engagement through marketing language generation


Gumtree, the leading classifieds website and app in the UK, has given a boost to its email marketing programme by increasing email open rates by 35%-50% through AI technology from Phrasee.

For the new push, Gumtree teamed up with the AI innovator to revitalise their CRM strategy to ensure continued engagement from customers. Gumtree was seeing a decline in email marketing engagements and adopted different steps to resolve the issue internally.  However, nothing came to the rescue and finally Gumtree approached Phrasee.  As a solution, Gumtree aligned its existing technology – Salesforce Marketing Cloud – with Phrasee’s AI technology for marketing language generation.

The Phrasee Salesforce AppExchange app offers a straight-through integration for building and distributing split tests using subject lines generated by Phrasee.

Commenting on the effectiveness of Phrasee’s AI technology, Matt Button, Gumtree Head of CRM, said: “Despite the fact Gumtree is used by 33% of the UK digital population, email marketing open rates had been steadily declining. We needed to reverse the trend – and fast. We identified that we needed to revitalise our CRM strategy and bring in something to get our customers’ attention in order to actually make them want to open our emails.”

Separately, global technology firm Datorama has furthered its marketing intelligence platform by adding a new complementary solution – LiteConnect – which uses AI to easily convert any spreadsheet or data file into a interactive, marketing-specific dashboard in just the blink of an eye. Once a file is uploaded through LiteConnect, it automatically converts the file into an expert-level, interactive dashboard through the use of AI.

Targeted particularly at marketers, the patent-pending solution offers a quick and hassle-free entry point to technology-assisted analysis helping them get away from manual reporting methods.  LiteConnect is designed to offer marketers the added flexibility of analysing data with minimal hurdles.

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