Microsoft study indicates US businesses are slow to adopt AI


A Microsoft survey of business leaders from various nations has found US firms are particularly slow to adopt AI technology.

One standout result of the study is that German, British, Russian, Dutch, Swiss, and Italian business leaders are – on the whole – reporting they’re “actively implementing” AI ahead of the US.

In fact, of business leaders from the countries surveyed, only France was behind the US.

The survey did not include all countries and is missing several notable countries including the likes of Japan, Canada, and Australia. Of course, the biggest omission is China.

China and the US are leaders in AI development but Microsoft’s study indicates that isn’t translating into adoption by American businesses.

Another interesting highlight in Microsoft’s study is the disparity in adoption between high and low growth companies.

High-growth companies, defined as having double-digit growth, are over twice as likely to be using AI. 41 percent of high-growth companies are using AI compared to just 19 percent of low-growth.

This disparity is most prominent in Germany where 67 percent of high-growth companies are using AI compared to just 17 percent of low-growth.

Susan Etlinger, Industry Analyst with the Altimeter Group, said:

“What’s striking about the research is the difference between double-digit growth companies and those with lower growth.

Double-digit growth companies are further along in their AI deployments, but also see a greater urgency in using more AI. They are looking at a one to three year timeframe – often really focused on the coming year. Lower growth companies are looking at more of a 5-year timeframe. What this says to me is that the more you know, the higher your sense of urgency is.”

Most of the businesses are either in the ‘exploring’ or ‘experimenting’ stages on their AI journey. The competitive advantages to using AI are clear, but it’s worth starting small and scaling up deployments over time.

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