Cisco partners with decentralised AI blockchain firm SingularityNET

cisco ai agi artificial intelligence singularitynet blockchain

Cisco has established a partnership with blockchain firm SingularityNET to explore decentralised artificial intelligence.

The partners are specifically looking at artificial general intelligence (AGI) technologies which aim to replicate the complex tasks of which humans are capable.

AGI is considered a step above standard AI because it aims to add human-like reasoning capabilities in uncertain scenarios. Such processing will enable AGIs to do things like solve puzzles and make plans which are beyond that of today’s AIs.

Dr Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, said:

“The scale of the AGI deployments needed by a partner like Cisco is going to be tremendous, and we are working hard to make sure our AGI tools and our blockchain-based platform is up to the task.”

Such a large tech conglomerate as Cisco joining up with SingularityNET adds a lot of credibility to the project’s goals.

SingularityNET describes itself as the first decentralised AI network that lets anyone create, share, and monetise AI services at scale. The idea behind the decentralisation is that it prevents any single player from hoarding AI capabilities and instead for it to be distributed globally.

“To really build a global decentralized thinking machine we are going to need to put a lot of complicated ingredients together, and the collaboration between Cisco and SingularityNET has the potential to accelerate things tremendously,” Goertzel said.

In May, the Singapore and Malaysia division of Domino’s Pizza announced that it was partnering with SingularityNET to apply blockchain-powered AI to its supply chain processes.

“In 10 years, you’re going to see AGIs with IQs higher than humans,” Goertzel believes.

A beta of SingularityNET’s AI Marketplace can be found here which features 40 (as of writing) artificial intelligence-powered services.

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