Samsung launches AI research unit for semiconductor demand – reports

Samsung has launched its own AI research unit under its device solutions division aimed at conducting research and creating AI technologies designed to enhance the semiconductor manufacturing process.

The division, according to sources cited by The Korea Herald, is not yet fully operational but will be led by Shim Eun-soo, a former head of AI software research at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. Samsung Electronics is now in the process of scouting for AI researchers...

Samsung boosts AI and 5G investments to ‘lay the ground’ for innovation

samsung ai 5g investments boost artificial intelligence innovation

Samsung has said it will increase its efforts in AI and 5G to drive innovation across the South Korean tech giant’s business.

As the world’s largest smartphone and memory chip manufacturer – along with being a key player in many consumer devices including TVs, washing machines, fridges, and more – Samsung has established itself as a tech leader.

The convergence of powerful emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and the cloud, have the potential to radically...

Samsung researchers create AI which generates realistic 3D renders of video scenes

Samsung researchers create AI which generates realistic 3D renders of video scenes

Three researchers at Samsung have created an AI which can generate realistic 3D renders of video scenes.

In a paper detailing the neural network behind the AI, the researchers explained the inefficient process of creating virtual scenes today:

“Creating virtual models of real scenes usually involves a lengthy pipeline of operations. Such modeling usually starts with a scanning...

Samsung is looking to snag Paris-based AI startups

Samsung is opening up global AI centres at a rapid pace but reports suggest the Korean giant is hoping Paris can bolster the firm’s talent.

Around 30 AI experts are based at Samsung’s current Paris office working on research and development projects.

The Paris-based AI lab of Samsung is smaller than centres based in London, Toronto, and Montreal. While the lab itself is smaller than its counterparts elsewhere in the world, Samsung is seeking local partners to help...

To no surprise, Samsung’s next chip has an NPU for AI

Samsung will catch up to some rival smartphone manufacturers with a dedicated NPU in the company’s Exynos 9820 chip when it launches the S10. The company says its NPU (Neural Processing Unit) will deliver up to seven times faster AI performance than Samsung’s older Exynos 9810 chip in the S9. Huawei became the first to debut a dedicated NPU in a flagship smartphone with their Kirin 970 chip in the Mate 10. In our Mate 10 coverage, we noted Huawei claimed using an NPU could increase...

Samsung continues global AI centre rollout with NY opening

The Big Apple is the latest city to be graced with a Samsung AI centre as part of the South Korean giant's international push. Samsung's New York AI centre will be led by Sebastian Seung, Executive Vice President of Samsung Research. Each of Samsung's AI centres focuses on different areas of research. The New York branch will be researching the important field of AI in robotics. Hyun-suk Kim, President and Head of Samsung Research, said:

“What we need now is...