Amazon uses AI-powered displays to enforce social distancing in warehouses

Amazon has turned to an AI-powered solution to help maintain social distancing in its vast warehouses.

Companies around the world are having to look at new ways of safely continuing business as we adapt to the "new normal" of life with the coronavirus.

Amazon has used its AI expertise to create what it calls the Distance Assistant. Using a time-of-flight sensor, often found in modern smartphones, the AI measures the distance between...

Deepfake app puts your face on GIFs while limiting data collection

deepfake doublicat face swap gif ai artificial intelligence

A new app called Doublicat allows users to superimpose their face into popular GIFs using deep learning technology.

In the name of research, here's one I made earlier:

Doublicat uses a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to do its magic. The GAN is called RefaceAI and is developed by a company of the same name.

RefaceAI was previously used in a face swapping app called Reflect. Elon Musk once used Reflect to put his face on Dwayne Johnson's...

LG ThinQ: Our experience with AI so far and what’s next for the industry

lg thinq ai expo artificial intelligence

AI News spoke with LG corporate vice president Samuel Chang about ThinQ, the company’s brand for products and services incorporating AI.

Chang played a major role in this year’s AI & Big Data Expo in Santa Clara last week, taking part in both a solo presentation on “Process Automation from IoT Data” and a panel discussion on “Data and the Customer”.

Following the event, AI News decided to catch up with Chang to discuss LG’s current experience in...

Applause’s new AI solution helps tackle bias and sources data at scale

applause ai artificial intelligence testing solution data sets scale news

Testing specialists Applause have debuted an AI solution promising to help tackle algorithmic bias while providing the scale of data needed for robust training.

Applause has built a vast global community of testers for its app testing solution which is trusted by brands including Google, Uber, PayPal, and more. The company is leveraging this relatively unique asset to help overcome some of the biggest hurdles facing AI development.

AI News spoke with Kristin Simonini, VP...

Microsoft and Qualcomm debut their Vision AI Developer Kit

Microsoft Qualcomm vision AI developer kit

First announced at BUILD 2018, Microsoft and Qualcomm have debuted their Vision AI Developer Kit for building computer vision applications.

The kit is built on Qualcomm’s Vision Intelligence 300 Platform and can run AI models locally or in the cloud using Microsoft’s Azure ML and Azure IoT Edge platforms.

eInfochips manufactures the Vision AI Developer Kit which features both a camera and the software needed to develop intelligent computer vision apps.


Intel and Lenovo enter into multi-year partnership over AI and HPC

Intel and Lenovo have signed a multi-year partnership agreement where both companies will focus on converging high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) to build solutions for organisations of all sizes and solve the world’s most challenging problems.

As part of the collaboration, Lenovo will be enhancing Intel’s complete portfolio of HPC and AI hardware and software solutions. Both will help accelerate the convergence of the technologies to unravel new...

Samsung Electronics to strengthen neural processing capabilities for future applications

Samsung Electronics has announced its plans to expand the reach of its artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to fortify the capabilities of its neural processing unit (NPU).

For this purpose, the South Korean electronics giant is planning to generate over 2,000 relevant jobs around the world by 2030, which will be 10x more than the current headcount. The company will also extend its existing collaboration with globally distinguished research institutes and varsities and support...

Nvidia explains how ‘true adoption’ of AI is making an impact

Nvidia Senior Director of Enterprise David Hogan spoke at this year’s AI Expo about how the company is seeing artificial intelligence adoption making an impact.

In the keynote session, titled ‘What is the true adoption of AI’, Hogan provided real-world examples of how the technology is being used and enabled by Nvidia’s GPUs. But first, he highlighted the momentum we’re seeing in AI.

“Many governments have announced investments in AI and how they're going...

Why ‘augmented intelligence’ is a better way to describe AI

There’s a lot of talk about artificial intelligence, and to be honest, most of it is hype. In fact, a scary part of the AI startup ecosystem is that there’s no regulatory board that’s actually kicking the tires of different companies to verify that their technology is AI. To add insult to injury, the term artificial intelligence is a misleading label for the methods behind AI – machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. In their current state, these technologies...

AI outpaces lawyers in reviewing legal documents, new study finds

Experienced lawyers in the US have been left behind by AI when it came to reviewing legal documents according to a new report – with the lawyers exhibiting 85% average accuracy compared to 94% average accuracy rate achieved by AI software. This revelation is based on a study carried out by professors at Duke Law, University of Southern California, and Stanford Law School. Metaphorically, the study was a race between LawGeex, an AI contract review platform provider, and a team of 20 top...