DeepMind thrashed pro StarCraft 2 players in latest demo

DeepMind’s AI demonstrated last night how its prowess in StarCraft 2 battles against professional human players has grown in recent months.

The live stream of the showdowns was viewed by more than 55,000 people.

“This is, of course, an exciting moment for us,” said David Silver, a researcher at DeepMind. “For the first time, we saw an AI that was able to defeat a professional player.”

DeepMind created five versions of their ‘AlphaStar’ AI. Each AI... secures $23 million in series C funding while Arterys closes $30 million series B

A couple of pieces of funding news in the artificial intelligence space; AI-powered service provider has secured $23 million in series C funding, while imaging analytics company Arterys closed a $30 million series B round. is an intelligent log analytics platform that synthesises machine data, user behaviour, and community knowledge to provide timely actionable insights to operations. It uses the combined power of machine learning and open-source ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash,...

US author makes provocative claim AI will replace God

US author Dan Brown made a provocative claim during the Frankfurt Book Fair that AI will replace belief in traditional religions. Brown’s reasoning for his remark is that humanity no longer needs God but instead will develop a new form of collective consciousness with the help of artificial intelligence which fulfills the role of religion. Studies prove that religious belief is already in decline globally. Brown’s new book, Origin, was inspired by the question of “Will God survive...