Stefano Somenzi, Athics: On no-code AI and deploying conversational bots

No-code AI solutions are helping more businesses to get started on their AI journeys than ever. Athics, through its platform for deploying conversational bots, knows a thing or two about the topic.

AI News caught up with Stefano Somenzi, CTO at Athics, to get his thoughts on no-code AI and the development of virtual agents.

AI News: Do you think “no-code” will help more businesses to begin their AI journeys?

Stefano Somenzi: The real...

IBM study highlights rapid uptake and satisfaction with AI chatbots

A study by IBM released this week highlights the rapid uptake of AI chatbots in addition to increasing customer satisfaction.

Most of us are hardwired to hate not speaking directly to a human when we have a problem—following years of irritating voicemail systems. However, perhaps the only thing worse is being on hold for an uncertain amount of time due to overwhelmed call centres.

Chatbots have come a long way and can now quickly handle most queries within minutes....

Experts warn AI poses a ‘clear and present danger’

A report by leading experts calls on governments and businesses to address the “clear and present danger” posed by unregulated AI. The foreboding report is titled ‘The Malicious Use Of Artificial Intelligence’ and was co-authored by experts from Oxford University, The Centre For The Study of Existential Risk, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and more. Three primary areas of risk were identified: Digital security — The risk of AI being used for increasing the scale and efficiency...