Luka Crnkovic-Friis, CEO, Peltarion: The democratisation of AI

Luka Crnkovic-Friis, CEO, Peltarion

As AI models become increasingly refined, organisations are starting to notice the diverse range of solutions they can provide across not just data science teams but all departments of a company.

Despite this, scaling AI solutions across a company is an extremely expensive and complex venture that most firms would struggle to see a return on investment from. In a market where AI has so much to offer but with such large costs, Peltarion is striving to bridge the gap enterprises...

Baidu debuts Brain 7.0 alongside mass production of Kunlun II chip

Baidu has debuted version 7.0 of its open AI platform Brain alongside reporting that mass production has begun of its second-gen Kunlun chip.

The tech giant is often considered as “China’s Google” and, just like its Western counterpart, is one of the largest AI companies in the world.

"AI technology is growing increasingly complex, and integrated innovation has made AI more powerful," said Haifeng Wang, CTO of Baidu.

“As AI technology plays an expanding...

A(I)hoy, mateys: IBM’s crewless ocean research ship to launch ‘very soon’

IBM’s crewless AI-powered ship is due to begin roaming the oceans this month, collecting vital data about something we still know incredibly little about.

Humans have travelled the sea in some form for tens of thousands of years—with the earliest crossings occurring around 53,000 to 65,000 years ago (when Australo-Melanesian populations migrated into the Sahul landmass – known today as Australia and New Guinea – from what used to be the Sundaland...

Deep learning is being used to predict critical COVID-19 cases

Researchers from Tencent, along with other Chinese scientists, are using deep learning to predict critical COVID-19 cases.

Scientists around the world are doing incredible work to increase our understanding of COVID-19. Thanks to their findings, existing medications have been discovered to increase the likelihood of surviving the virus.

Unfortunately, there are still fatalities. People with weakened immune systems or underlying conditions are most at risk, but it’s a...

Zuckerberg is deepfaked a month after Facebook refused to remove others

A deepfake of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is making the rounds a month after his company refused to remove similar videos.

Last month, Facebook refused to remove a deepfake video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Rather than making Pelosi appear to say things she never did, the video aimed to portray her as being intoxicated.

Deepfakes have the potential to spread misinformation and damage the reputation of individuals. Particularly in the world of politics and...

Stanford University students employ AI to make the dankest memes

stanford university ai dank learning memes

AI will be groundbreaking in areas like healthcare, but I don’t think many expected it to be creating the dankest new memes. Some pioneering students from Stanford University exposed a neural network to over 400,000 memes in a bid to teach it the nuances of modern humour. Armed with this information, the AI attempted the artistic endeavour of creating its very own. In the ‘Dank Learning’ paper, the students detail how they applied deep learning methods to create memes. Ideas are passed...

AI identifies protesters – even when they’re disguised

A new AI developed by researchers from the UK and India can identify protesters at rallies, even when they’re in disguise. For those of us concerned by intrusive surveillance it rings some alarm bells. Earlier this year, the Department of Justice in the U.S. ordered the domain host for a site which organised an anti-Trump demonstration to hand over details of those who even visited the page. This incident alone goes to show how valuable profiling technology such as this would be... aspires to build AI which makes human-like decisions

Cambridge-based AI startup Prowler has raised £10 million to help it build an AI which can make human-like decisions. Based on the comments made by Elon Musk and Vladimir Putin in our article yesterday, you’d be forgiven if this raises some concerns. AI like Prowler, however, could be what saves us from destruction. If you missed it, Musk voiced his concern about Putin’s comment that the nation which leads in AI “will become the ruler of the world.” Some are concerned about an...

AI guru Andrew Ng launches an online deep learning course

andrew ng deep learning ai coursera course

Andrew Ng is something of a legend in the AI community, and so his launch of an online deep learning course is noteworthy. The course on Coursera is simply called ‘Deep Learning Specialization’ and promises to teach students vital skills for the future. Some of the advanced topics covered include neural networks, backpropagation, convolutional networks, recurrent networks, computer vision, natural language processing, and more. “Just as electricity transformed every major industry...

IBM breaks records with deep learning advancement

ibm deep learning research

Software giant IBM has set new records with the company’s latest deep learning advancement. IBM has already cemented its place as a leader in AI with Watson and its deep learning capabilities. Deep learning is a subset of AI which mimics the human brain and is therefore a focus of researchers. Companies including Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Google have made advancements in deep learning, but IBM’s could be the most groundbreaking. Today’s deep learning systems can take days to...