Eggplant launches AI-powered software testing in the cloud

Automation specialists Eggplant have launched a new AI-powered software testing platform.

The cloud-based solution aims to help accelerate the delivery of software in a rapidly-changing world while maintaining a high bar of quality.

Gareth Smith, CTO of Eggplant, said:

“The launch of our cloud platform is a significant milestone in our mission to rid the world of bad software. In our new normal, delivering speed and agility at scale has never been more...

Baidu ends participation in AI alliance as US-China relations deteriorate

Baidu will no longer participate in the Partnership on AI (PAI) alliance amid deteriorating relations between the US and China.

PAI is a US-led alliance which aims to foster the ethical development and deployment of AI technologies. Baidu was the only Chinese member.

The loss of Baidu's expertise and any representation from China is devastating for PAI. Ethical AI development requires global cooperation to set acceptable standards which help to ensure safety while not...

Microsoft releases two Python video courses which help aspiring AI developers

Microsoft has released two Python video courses to help AI developers get started in what could be a very lucrative career.

The new video courses assume the developer already has a basic standard of Python skills. If you don't, I'm afraid you'll need to brush up on those first. Fortunately, Microsoft released a 44-part "Python for Beginners" series last autumn (or "fall" for our American friends.)

For those with the Python skills, or if you've just consumed all 44-parts...

GE Healthcare’s new initiative aims to boost AI adoption by health providers

babylon health ai doctor safety gp at hand artificial intelligence

GE Healthcare launched its Edison Developer Program on Tuesday, an initiative aimed at boosting the adoption of AI by health providers.

Edison is an AI platform launched last year to help with leveraging data from imaging devices.

Kieran Murphy, President and CEO at GE Healthcare, says:

“We introduced Edison just one year ago at RSNA to help health providers take advantage of data in new and significant ways.

With the introduction of the Edison...

AI can be used to build virtual worlds

Building video games is a long and laborious process, but it could soon be quickened with the use of AI to build virtual 3D landscapes. A team of researchers from the Universities of Lyon and Purdue, along with game developer Ubisoft, have published a paper detailing how this works. Games are an art form, and creative designers take a lot of pride in their work. As such, they will work closely with everyone working on the project to make sure their visions get brought to life as...

Acumos: Linux Foundation makes it easier to deploy AI apps

The Linux Foundation has introduced an open source project called Acumos which aims to make it easier to build, share, and deploy AI applications. By providing a common framework, Acumos intends to make artificial intelligence development more accessible. Acumos differs from TensorFlow, an existing popular framework, in that it will be offer a directory for sharing AI models in addition to working on them. “An open and connected AI platform will promote collaboration as developers and...