GE Healthcare’s new initiative aims to boost AI adoption by health providers

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GE Healthcare launched its Edison Developer Program on Tuesday, an initiative aimed at boosting the adoption of AI by health providers.

Edison is an AI platform launched last year to help with leveraging data from imaging devices.

Kieran Murphy, President and CEO at GE Healthcare, says:

“We introduced Edison just one year ago at RSNA to help health providers take advantage of data in new and significant ways.

With the introduction of the Edison...

Nvidia, GE Healthcare, and Nuance harness AI to improve radiology

Nvidia, GE Healthcare, and Nuance have teamed up to harness the power of AI in a bid to improve the vital area of medical imaging. Medical imaging is so important because it offers a way to pick up and detect problems as early as possible without intrusive methods. GE Healthcare and Nuance have chosen to partner with Nvidia for use of their deep learning platform. Kimberly Powell, Vice President of Healthcare at NVIDIA, said: “Medical imaging is an essential tool for delivering the best...