Bosch partners with to ‘transform’ digital ecosystems using DLTs

Bosch has partnered with Cambridge-based AI blockchain startup with the aim of transforming existing digital ecosystems using distributed ledger technologies (DLTs).

The global engineering giant will test key features of’s testnet until the end of this month and will deploy a node on the network. The strategic engineering project between and Bosch is called the Economy of Things (EoT).

Dr Alexander Poddey, the leading researcher for digital...

LG ThinQ: Our experience with AI so far and what’s next for the industry

lg thinq ai expo artificial intelligence

AI News spoke with LG corporate vice president Samuel Chang about ThinQ, the company’s brand for products and services incorporating AI.

Chang played a major role in this year’s AI & Big Data Expo in Santa Clara last week, taking part in both a solo presentation on “Process Automation from IoT Data” and a panel discussion on “Data and the Customer”.

Following the event, AI News decided to catch up with Chang to discuss LG’s current experience in...

Budget: UK to boost ‘industries of the future’ funding – including AI, IoT, and driverless cars

The latest budget from the UK government increases financial support for the ‘industries of the future’ which includes AI, IoT, and driverless cars. As the UK prepares to depart the EU, the Chancellor of the Exchequer is boosting funding of industries where the UK is already emerging a leader to help solidify its position on the world stage. £75 million will be set aside for artificial intelligence to build on the existing success stories from the likes of Cambridge-based DeepMind...