Researchers create AI bot to protect the identities of BLM protesters

Researchers from Stanford have created an AI-powered bot to automatically cover up the faces of Black Lives Matter protesters in photos.

Everyone should have the right to protest. And, if done legally, to do so without fear of having things like their future job prospects ruined because they've been snapped at a demonstration – from which a select few may have gone on to do criminal acts such as arson and looting.

With images from the protests being widely shared on...

Amazon is next to face employee protest over government contracts

amazon government protest contract surveillance face recognition

Mere days after Google and Microsoft staff protested their employers’ controversial government contracts, Amazon is facing its own internal revolt. Amazon employees are not all too pleased with their company’s sale of facial recognition software and other services to US government bodies. Much like Google and Microsoft’s employees, who demanded their respective companies never undertake work that may cause social or physical harm, a similar letter was posted on Amazon’s internal...